10 reasons why hiking is good for you

By Sigita B •  Updated: 01/18/21 •  5 min read

In the age of modern technology growth, we often forget about the most wonderful of miracles; spending time in nature.

By merging activity and time in nature, we have a great opportunity to strengthen our health and become better and happier human beings.

And it doesn’t matter if you are a person out of shape. Hiking, unlike running, is for almost everyone, and it easy to start and learn.

You can start with slower, effortless hikes and move on to exciting adventures as your skills- and fitness level improves.

To start hiking does not really require any special preparation. You do not even need to go up a mountain! Go to your nearest forest and walk among the trees and you will feel the bliss of hiking and nature.

So strap on your boots and get ready!

Here are some reasons why hiking is good for you!

Hiking makes us happier

Research shows that physical activity in the fresh air has a positive impact on combating symptoms of stress and anxiety.

Hiking improves mental health and performance, reduces bad and negative moods.

When hiking, we also admire the forest and trees, or the spectacular mountain views.

Mountains liberate us, helps us to forget all our worries and problems, and gives us energy.

By hiking and enjoying nature, we gain immersive and unforgettable experiences.

We strengthen our body and relax our minds which creates a sense of happiness and harmony.

So if you want to boost your mood, go for a hike today!

Hiking strengthens immunity

Mountains in Sakartvelo

A good way to boost immunity is to move.

Regular exercise helps relieve stress and reduces the risk of osteoporosis and heart disease.

Fresh mountain air heals us, allows us to “rest our heads”, clarifies our thoughts, and strengthens our immunity.

The more we move outdoors, the more resistant we will become to various diseases.

Hiking supply the body with oxygen

When we are hiking in the fresh air, our lungs are being supplied with plenty of oxygen.

Fresh mountain air will make you feel better and your body will get a bigger and better supply of oxygen. This is a very important factor for improving your health.

Intensified breathing during physical activity improves blood circulation and the function of the organs.

Fresh air can help you low down stress and improve mental wellbeing.

Hiking is good for the heart

Hiking is good for cardiovascular health.

Hiking will raise the heart rate, even during easy/light hikes.

This will improve aerobic fitness and endurance.

Over time, your fitness level will improve as the body adjust, leading to better form and the ability to hike longer and harder.

The markers associated with cardiovascular health, like blood pressure, blood sugar levels, and cholesterol can be improved by hiking.

There are even studies suggesting that going on regular hikes can significantly reduce hypertension, improve glucose tolerance, and reduce bad cholesterol over time.

Movement is good for the body, and hiking is a great way to support heart health and combat heart disease.

Hiking helps to control your weight

It is estimated that hiking for one hour burns between 300-600 calories.

In other words, hiking is good for weight loss, as it helps to burn those pesky calories.

The number of calories burned during the hike will depend on many factors: each person’s weight, level of physical fitness, the intensity of movement, and hike difficulty.

Even weather temperature is important.

Hiking is a great way to increase the level of physical activity, which can aid to lower your body weight!

Hiking helps digestion

Increasing the flow of oxygen helps digest food more effectively.

In the mountains, we typically eat high-energy foods like nuts, raisins, dark chocolate, energy bars, and specialty foods.

It helps us stay active and strong for a long time.

Hiking improves digestive processes and helps if you are trying to lose weight.

Hiking can relieve insomnia and improve sleep

It is suggested that forest walks can help improve mild insomnia and mild sleep problems, but there are more studies needed to assess whether they improve subjective sleep quality.

However, exercise and emotional improvement triggered by walking in the forest or in the mountains may lead to an increase in sleep hours and an improvement in subjective sleep quality in adults with insomnia.

Hiking improves body balance

Dynamic balance is the ability to maintain control of your body as you move. We need this skill on a daily basis.

If necessary, balance can be developed.

If you ever wonder if it is possible to improve your balance, try hiking!

Hiking helps build lower body strength which is a very important element of balance.

Hiking in uneven terrain is a great way to improve your balance and strengthen your muscles.

Hiking improves relationship

Hiking improves physical endurance and health, that is pretty clear!

But hiking also helps to make new friends with similar interests and passions, and it reinforces our relationship with friends and family.

Hiking in groups, give us the opportunity to communicate and create connections.

Encouraging each other through challenging physical activities to maintain motivation and strengthen the relationship.

Hiking is empowering the way it rewards our efforts!

Hiking builds community

Hiking is a great way to build community and socialize with like-minded in a healthy and stress-free environment.

Everyone needs community and a feeling of belonging in their lives. In our opinion, one of the great benefits of hiking in the community aspects.

You will experience this common community on the trails, where people are smiling and happy, saying “hello” and it is very easy to meet new people and talk to strangers.

The community and fellowship up in the mountains is an aspect of life which is usually ignored or forgotten in the city.

So bring some friends to the mountain or the forest and get moving.

Your body will love you and your mind will be rejuvenated and ready to tackle daily life head-on.

Sigita B