Ahnu Women’s Sugarpine Hiking Boot Review

By Thomas Sorheim •  Updated: 05/02/20 •  5 min read
Woman alone hiking in the mountain

The Ahnu Women’s Sugarpine Hiking Boots are stylish, durable, and affordably priced, making them a fantastic choice for any outdoor enthusiast. Crafted from a combination of mesh, leather and suede, these women’s hiking boots both look and feel great. Perfect for the trail while also comfortable and stylish enough for the gym, Ahnu supply a pair of hiking boots which are second to none, benefiting from premier craftsmanship and careful design.

Here we’ll be taking you through a comprehensive look at the Ahnu Women’s Sugarpine Hiking Boots and pointing out what makes them a value-packed purchase that is sure to last.

Ahnu Women’s Sugarpine Hiking Boots 

These attractive hiking boots are available in no less than four colors. “Blue Spell” is a blend of a deep blue with grey and pink accents and sole. “Mulch” delivers a classic brown color with a neutral grey and beige trim and sole. “Astral Aura” is a bright blue with a light blue sole and grey trim.

“Dark Burgundy” is exactly as the name suggests, giving you hiking boots with a blend of purples and plums, perfect for a female looking for a clear feminine touch. “Dark Slate” blends dark tones of blue bordering on grey with black trim and a yellow sole. This is one of the best colors for those looking for a pair of boots which does not show scuffs / damage easily.

Who is this product for? 

These are the perfect pair of boots for women who enjoy hiking, camping, fishing, and any other form of outdoor sport or recreational activity. It is an optimal choice for someone who needs a pair of boots which are waterproof and highly resistant to the harsh conditioners encountered in the wild.

The rugged appearance clearly conveys their purpose as a hiking boot, while handling snow, rain, mud, or any other treacherous terrain without ever becoming uncomfortable or impractical. Water will never seep through even if you find yourself hiking through streams, valleys or mud. After miles of hiking there is no chance of blisters of hotspots developing. They may not be the lightest hiking boots around but their ability to handle the outdoors is unbeatable.

What’s included?

Your hiking boots arrive ready to wear with little to no breaking in period needed. They are broad enough for those with wide feet to wear them comfortably. You will find that the sizes generally run about half a size too small, so be sure to order bigger than you normally do. One cannot fault the quality of manufacturing, with the Anhu Women’s Sugarpine Hiking Boots being sturdy, breathable, and they are vegan friendly. Only man-made materials have been used to craft these reliable women’s hiking boots. They are stain resistant, scuff resistant, and have a fantastic tread.

Overview of features 

A cushy padded collar and a mid-cut design sporting Numentum Technology are just two of the value-added benefits of these great boots. The Numentum Technology integrated is a neutral positioning system which supports the natural biomechanics of your foot. This enhanced ergonomic design gives your ankle optimal support, while supplying comfort at all times.

Ahnu have fitted a rubber role and a heel measuring roughly 1-inch. You will find that this gives good support for your arch. From the lace-up vamp to the padded, gusseted tongue, TPU heel clip for added stability, and the rubber toe protector, one cannot fault the premier manufacturing of these feature-packed hiking boots. 

How to get the most out of your hiking boots

If you live in a particularly cold region of the world and expect to be hiking through snow, then be sure to order up to one size larger to compensate for a thicker sock. One size bigger than you conventionally wear should leave you ample room for up to two pairs of socks, should it become extremely cold, though nothing more than a single thin pair is needed for comfort.

These boots perform the best in non-snowy areas, although thanks to being waterproof and securely crafted, they handle all types of terrain with ease. The grip is even good enough for smooth, hard sheer surfaces such as an office floor. 


If you need a pair of hiking boots for extremely frigid temperatures such as areas which are 32 degrees and below, then it would be better to go for an insulated pair such as those from Montara. There have been no compromises in terms of quality, which incidentally also places the Ahnu Women’s Sugarpine Hiking Boots at a bit of a higher price than certain competing brands. The extra value is well worth the expenditure, however, if you are constrained by a limited budget then Keen and Quicksilk both have outstanding affordable options available.


Delivering superior style, long-lasting durability, and a host of features making them the prime choice for comfortable hiking, these women’s boots from Anhu are simply the best. From ankle to arch support, and even breathability and warmth, these hiking boots have it all. You won’t need liners for comfort, nor to prevent blistering. The Anhu Women’s Sugarpine Hiking Boots are sure to last you for hundreds of miles, remaining comfy and looking great for years on end.

Thomas Sorheim