AMEISEYE 40L Hiking Backpack Review

By Thomas Sorheim •  Updated: 05/07/20 •  4 min read
Ameiseye 40L hiking backpack

This 40L hiking backpack has everything you could possibly hope for in a hiking backpack. It’s waterproof, it’s constructed with a durable nylon fabric, it’s got a large carrying capacity without being unwieldy to carry, and there are comfortable adjustable straps with a back panel system. There’s even an extra waterproof rain cover included.

While we’re reviewing the 40L hiking backpack, AMEISEYE also makes this same bag in 20L and 30L sizes as well.

Who Is This Product For?

The AMEISEYE 40L hiking backpack is the ideal product for anyone who is thinking about taking their first steps into exploring the great outdoors. Whether your passion for nature involves hiking, camping, traveling, fishing, or cycling, this backpack will have you covered.

This particular 40L backpack is especially good for anyone who plans on traveling by air. While it’s large enough to pack in all of your required items, it’s still also small enough to be taken on board airplanes as carry-on luggage.

What’s Included?

When you purchase this hiking backpack, you’ll be getting the backpack itself along with the included waterproof rain cover. Interestingly enough, it would seem this only applies to the following AMEISEYE backpacks: 20L green, 30L blue, 40L blue, and 40L green.

The 30L green backpack option is unique in that it only includes the backpack – there’s no rain cover included. If you’re interested in a smaller volume size in the color green, that’s just something to keep in mind.

Overview of Features

With all of that being said, what is it exactly about the AMEISEYE 40L hiking backpack that makes it easy for us to recommend it? It’s like we mentioned earlier, this bag basically has every feature you could hope to ask for in a hiking backpack.

Not only that, but it comes at a reasonable price tag that won’t break the bank. Here’s a quick look at the features that you’ll get with the AMEISEYE 40L:

Getting the Most Out of This Backpack

With several different capacity and color options available to choose from with AMEISEYE hiking backpacks, there’s a reason why this particular review focuses on the 40L option.

We feel that 40L is the ideal backpack size; it offers you plenty of space to pack both your essential and non-essential items while also being small enough to carry comfortably. You are also able to take a 40L bag as a carry-on, which is definitely an important benefit for many people looking into backpacks.

Choosing the 40L backpack also ensures you get the included waterproof rain cover, which the 30L green bag curiously lacks.


If you would prefer to go with a hiking backpack that is a bit smaller than 40L, then AMEISEYE also makes this identical backpack in 20L and 30L formats. If you do decide to go with a smaller capacity size, then we strongly recommend sticking with either the blue 30L bag or the 20L bag due to the included rain cover.


With all things considered, you really can’t go wrong by choosing the AMEISEYE 40L hiking backpack, especially if you’re a novice hiker. There are plenty of reasons why we can easily recommend this backpack.

It’s made with quality durable material, it strikes a perfect balance between carrying capacity and being comfortable to wear for long periods of time, and it has all of the extra bells and whistles (quite literally) that help make a good backpack into a great backpack.

Thomas Sorheim