Best Hiking Pants for Men in 2022

By Sigita B •  Updated: 11/23/21 •  1 min read

In a comparison study for 2022, we assessed the top 4 Best hiking pants for men. We hit the trails to learn about each pair’s advantages and shortcomings. 

We realize there are a lot of choices, so we researched to find out which ones are the snuggest and help you breathe well while keeping you dry. 

The first step in our evaluation was doing research to find the most acceptable options. Then we got the best options and tested them on walks and camping trips.

Here is our assessment of the best hiking pants for men.

Best Overall

Arc'teryx Lefroy Pant

Arc’teryx Lefroy Pant

Allows moisture vapour to escape, helping regulate temperature and elevating comfort inside garment.
For technical hiking, trekking, durable and protective designs for remote and varied conditions.

Best Economy

Columbia Silver Ridge

Columbia Silver Ridge

Columbia Silver Ridge Convertible Pant features UPF 50 fabric for protection against harmful UVA and UVA rays as well as breathable, wicking fabric that pulls moisture away to keep you cool and dry.

Best Stretchy

Prana Men's Stretch Zion

Prana Men’s Stretch Zion

Rugged, simple design in neutral colours that wear well with anything; Features an adjustable waistband, ventilated inseam gusset and plenty of pockets.

Product Mini-Reviews

Man hiking in the forest

Best Overall – Arc’teryx Lefroy Pant 

The Arc’teryx Lefroy is a set of specialized trousers with a focus on ventilation and lightweight. They’re designed to look beautiful and have a sleek incorporated belt as well as a modest collection of functions. 

These trousers are ideal for individuals who wish to protect their legs from briar and weeds while maintaining a high level of ventilation. However, our taller and lean reviewers found these trousers tight and restricting, with a few minor issues limiting their adaptability and utility.

Arc’teryx’s thinner purpose Lefroy is a much more tapered pant that’s sophisticated enough to wear when traveling.

These trousers met most of our criteria for being at the top of the list. The liquid-resistant, flexible cloth snaps around the waist and is fastened with a stitched belt.

The fit seems excellent, as we’ve grown to anticipate from Arc’teryx. However, the fitted cut leaves less freedom for movement than the other trousers on the list.

We also discovered that the hand pockets are somewhat shallow. With the narrow fit of the trouser, the quantity of pocket burden is limited. 

We also longed for a drawstring at the ankle to keep the pants in place. The pants are designed for hot conditions, and their adaptability is crucial for hotter excursions.

The pricing, like all Arc’teryx items, is high, but you receive unrivaled craftsmanship and thoroughness.

The Arc’teryx quality of construction is worth the additional money if you intend on doing a lot of hiking this summertime or if you want a pair of hiking pants that will endure for years. 

The brand pays close attention to the smallest of details, and the Lefroy will be no exception. These pants, nevertheless, are much more costly than other lightweight choices.

Best Overall
Arc'teryx Lefroy Pant Men's

A technical pant designed for hiking and trekking in warm weather.

Allows moisture vapour to escape, helping regulate temperature and elevating comfort inside garment.

For technical hiking, trekking, durable and protective designs for remote and varied conditions.

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Best economy – Columbia Silver Ridge Convertible 

The Columbia Silver Ridge is a fantastic deal in hiking pants for leisure hiking and even summertime camping. These breezy and fast-drying trousers are very affordable and are often found at great prices on Amazon.

They’re convertible, which means the sides zip off, and the trousers can be transformed into shorts. You won’t be short on storing space with two deep and readily available cargo pockets and a zippered security pocket. Overall, the functionality and convenience of these trousers have pleasantly impressed us.

But what are some the Columbia Silver Ridge’s drawbacks? 

The materials seem thin and don’t give much protection from the weather. Some of the more expensive alternatives on our list will provide you with that added protection while being pretty well-built for the price.

Furthermore, the zippers aren’t the smoothest we’ve seen, and putting the legs back on requires some delicacy. Lastly, the cut is too roomy for our liking, and we favor a more streamlined style for extended days on the trail. But this is a personal choice and you may feel differently about it.

The Columbia Silver Ridge Convertible is a sporty convertible that looks much better than it functions. These trousers feature a restricted amount of adaptability, according to us. Because the material is light and airy, they keep us cool on hot days. If you happen to get caught in light rain, they will dry rapidly.

Nevertheless, they are not water-resistant, and the material’s complete lack of elasticity restricts the user’s movement, particularly during mountaineering sessions or hiking across challenging terrain. 

We suggest investing a little extra for a higher-performing variant if you can. 

Best Economy
Columbia Men's Silver Ridge Convertible Pants

100% Nylon. Button closure. Machine Wash.

Columbia Silver Ridge Convertible Pant features our signature UPF 50 fabric for protection against harmful UVA and UVA rays as well as breathable, wicking fabric that pulls moisture away to keep you cool and dry.

This men's convertible pant features a partial elastic waist, gusset detail, and zip-off legs for the ultimate comfortability.

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Best Stretchy pants – Prana Men’s Stretch Zion Pants

Thanks to its relaxed fit and elastic material, it is a rugged model that may easily be used for various outdoor leisure activities.

Amongst our reviewers, the Prana Stretch Zion is a favorite pair of hiking trousers. This style is rugged and comfortable, with a distinctive double cargo compartment, a low-profile waistband tightener, and snap fasteners on the lower legs. This setup allows the user to roll up and fasten the cuffs. 

Because the bulk of the cloth lacks the breathability of lighter-weight variants, albeit they do contain a few elements to improve airflow. These trousers are elastic and allow for a lot of movement, as the name suggests.

These trousers are designed for those who like cool-weather trekking, climbing, or long-distance travel.

The Prana Stretch Zion seems and feels like a standard pair of pants at first glance. They offer a relaxed and comfy design that is also suitable for trekking and climbing. 

They don’t appear to ventilate and some other versions, but they dissipate heat in various ways. In the colder months, these pants are undeniably more comfortable.

The Prana Stretch Zion is a versatile pair of pants. They’re comfortable and adaptable enough for a wide range of activities, particularly when movement is required. 

These are a decent choice for folks in chilly dry areas who merely need a high-durability pair, even though they’re not the most absorbent or weather-resistant.

Best Stretchy
prAna Men's Stretch Zion Pant

97% Nylon, 3% Spandex.

Button closure.

Machine Wash.

The original Stretch 'Zion' fabric with durable water repellent (DWR).

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Best Waterproof and Lightweight – MARMOT men’s Precip Lightweight Waterproof Full-zip Pant

The renowned Precip brand of shell gear from Marmot delivers lightweight, budget-conscious performance in several styles. Both the classic style (quarter cuff zips) and the separated Marmot PreCip Full Zip are tested in this review. 

These pants are similar in almost every detail, including the most significant ones. The fabric is the same, as is the fit. As a result, the durability and weather resistance are essentially the same. 

The complete zip model has a superior venting system and is easy to put on and take off. This variant is more compact, lighter, and less costly.

The material is waterproof, and Marmot’s “Designs incorporate” treatment lasts longer than most. What more could you want? The absence of long zippers makes breaching much more difficult. 

Because full zippers are more sensitive to leakage, this model scores somewhat higher than its relative, the Marmot PreCip Full-Zip. 

We encountered no issues with the full zip trousers we tried. Still, we understand from prior experience and reasoning that mechanical zippers may be leaky.

With these jeans, you can’t go wrong. Others may be more protective, ventilated, robust, comfy, or lightweight. 

Still, none achieve the same level of stability as the Marmot PreCip.

Best Waterproof and Lightweight
Marmot PreCip Full Zip Pant

100% Nylon.

Sturdy and durable with a patented dry-touch finish, these waterproof pants will keep you comfortable and protected during planned treks in stormy weather or as a just-in-case layer in your pack for unexpected downpours.

Our PreCip collection of pants and jackets is made with PFC-free NanoPro recycled nylon fabric that keeps you dry in the wettest conditions and is highly breathable thanks to an advanced microporous coating.

Full-length side zippers with bonded storm flap along with an elastic waist enable the wearer to feel less clammy and more comfortable over a wide range of temperatures and conditions.

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Buying Guide

Your buying decision may be helped if you made your purchase based on the following criteria.


Hiking pants are typically constructed of a nylon mix. The majority of the choices featured contain some elastane for added elasticity (spandex). 

A more significant amount of elastane means a stretchier fit, which is particularly beneficial for individuals who prefer to have a more tighter fit. 

The quality of the cloth may be a big help on the trail, particularly when pitching up a tent and strolling around the campsite.


If you intend to wear your pants predominantly in the sun or during the summer, heat, ventilation, and moisture-wicking are essential. Venting is a term used to describe the features of a pair of pants that allow heat and moisture to escape from your body. 

Vents include things like zipped openings, mesh-lined compartments, and rollable sleeves. Breathability is comparable. However, it pertains to the fabric’s condition.

Not unexpectedly, the hiking pants with the most netting and accessible zippers were the most ventilated. In contrast, the pants with the least mesh and easily accessible zippers kept us from sweating in the first instance.

Styling and Looks

The capacity of a design to perform effectively and sustain functioning under a range of circumstances and activities is known as versatility. 

The most adaptable pants in the backcountry should be comfortable during a hike and without concerns.

You should also be able wear them for other outdoor sports and activities. A good pair of hiking pants should be great even for long journeys, daily outdoor activities, and light outdoor fitness regimens.

We understand that style isn’t the only factor to consider when evaluating performance. But a pair that looks and feels good will have more flexibility and use than one that doesn’t.


All of the “add ons” on a pair of trousers are referred to as features. 

The number of pockets, along with their positions, waist adjusting systems, belts, buttons and fly types, roll-up clips, vent openings, are all distinctive to each pair. 

These are all the intelligent design aspects that improve the experience of the wearer. 

Some of these elements are valuable improvements that we like, while others are unnecessarily extravagant. 

Products with a lower grade have fewer valuable features. The elements they promise to deliver on aren’t used to their full potential. 

Pockets that are spacious and deep enough to prevent objects from accidentally coming out, as well as incorporated belts and the flexibility to roll up (and stay up) trouser legs, are among our testers’ favorites.

Value For Money

We do understand that price is an essential factor to consider when making a purchase, although we believe functionality comes first. 

While the saying “you get the products you pay for” is often accurate, our experience shows us that the most expensive items aren’t always guaranteed to be the best.


Your choice of clothing may affect how much fun and comfort you have on your backpacking or hiking trips. 

With so many alternatives available, picking the right one can be difficult. 

Nevertheless, we hope that our assessment aids you in finding your next pair of hiking pants and that your next pair of hiking pants will make your future hikes a breeze. 

Sigita B