CVLIFE Outdoor Tactical 30L Backpack Review

By Thomas Sorheim •  Updated: 05/07/20 •  4 min read
CVLIFE Outdoor Tactical Black 30L Backpack

This hiking backpack was designed in order to be 100% reliable no matter what elements you are facing. It’s made for hardcore hiking enthusiasts who love to spend a lot of time outdoors in nature.

The outdoor tactical 30L backpack is the ideal choice for both single afternoon hikes as well as multi-day camping expeditions.

Who Is This Product For?

This is the ideal hiking backpack for anyone who loves to go hiking and is looking for a bag that is the perfect balance of comfort and durability. It’s 30L capacity means it can hold all of your essential items with ease while not being so big and bulky as to slow you down.

It’s constructed with 600D nylon material with an included waist belt, sternum strap, and adjustable shoulder straps that help to relieve pressure while carrying heavy loads.

What’s Included?

When you purchase the CVLIFE outdoor tactical 30L backpack, the package only includes your backpack.

Overview of Features

Wondering just what exactly it is that makes this outdoor tactical backpack such a great product? Here’s a detailed list of the best features that you’ll be getting along with this bag should you decide to purchase it:

Getting the Most Out of This Backpack

If this is your first time purchasing a hiking backpack, then it may be worthwhile to spend a bit of time reviewing how to properly pack one. It’s definitely not as simple as just cramming all of your items into the bag and walking out the door.

Many people are surprised to see just how much they can manage to pack into a hiking backpack once they adhere to some simple packing basics.

Backpacking Basics: How to Pack Your Backpack

If you have any specific questions about CVLIFE or their products, you can contact them directly via phone or email:

Alternative Products

While a 30L hiking backpack offers you plenty of space to use, especially if you know how to properly pack a bag, we also realize it’s still not quite enough room for many people out there.

If you’re looking for some high quality alternatives, we have a couple of recommendations for both a 40L hiking backpack as well as a 50L one:


When it comes to hiking backpacks, there are literally thousands upon thousands of options available to you. The incredible amount of options can make it incredibly difficult to navigate through the quality products and the cheap ones.

That’s why we’ve taken the time to look into hiking backpacks for you. When we recommend a bag to you, it’s because it meets our strict quality standards. Every backpack has been personally tested and approved before we recommend it.

The CVLIFE outdoor tactical 30L backpack is one such hiking backpack. It’s high-quality waterproof 600D nylon design, multiple spacious compartments, and comfortable fit make it a truly outstanding hiking backpack, and one that we have absolutely no problem recommending.

Thomas Sorheim