The ultimate hiking checklist (Guide and Download)

By Sigita B •  Updated: 11/17/20 •  3 min read

You have set a date for your hike, you have bought the perfect backpack and now it is time for packing up.

Where do you even start?

At your desk with a pen and a piece of paper!

Write down all the things you might need to take with you, give yourself a moment to think about what you might have forgotten, and then – downsize, downsize, downsize!

We have compiled a list that you can use as a starting point.

Print it out, circle things you will need, or cross out the ones you will not take with you.

It is up to you!

Just remember to only pack things you need because you will have to carry it all on your shoulders and every bit of extra weight will slow you down and wear you out more easily.

So pack thoughtfully!

What to bring on a hiking trip


Safety essentials




Trekking essentials

Extra hiking equipment

Spotted a gadget or piece of equipment you want to buy before your trip?

Amazon is the best place to look for cool hiking gear.

Check out our lists of cool hiking gadgets (link: TBA) and lightweight hiking equipment (link: TBA)!

Now that you know what you need, read our ultimate packing guide (link: TBA) for even more tips and tricks to pack like a pro.

Sigita B