Hiking Himakånå in Norway (the housewife)

By Thomas Sorheim •  Updated: 09/30/20 •  4 min read
Two hikers standing on top of Himakånå in Haugesund Norway
Photo credit: Magnus Roaldset Furset / visithaugesund.no
Starting point:Haugesund
Difficulty :Beginner 
Type :Day hike 
Hiking distance:2,1 km / 1.3 mi 
Hiking time:About 2 hours in total 
Season:All year
Elevation gain:300 meters / 984 feet

The Himakånå (the housewife) hike is a beginner-friendly, yet picturesque and fun hike outside the city of Haugesund in Norway.

This article is part of the Ultimate Guide To Hiking in Norway.

Himakånå is often referenced as the local version of Trolltunga. It is smaller and easier to get to, yet it will still give you a great hiking experience, amazing views, and that all-important picture for your social media account.

This hike is far from as popular, or as famous, as Trolltunga.

This means that it is also not as crowded. Actually, we would be surprised if you run into more than 10 people during this hike.

Most of them will be locals out for a quiet Sunday’s hike.

In a country filled with crazy amazing mountains and rock formations to hike and see, the smaller local wonders drown in the attention competition.

However, Himakånå is one of those hidden gems that you never heard of but still will give you a memorable experience, no matter the fitness level, and hiking experience.

How to get to the Himakånå hike

Haugesund and boats
Photo credit: Tove V. Bråthen / visithaugesund.no

The nearest city to Himakånå is Haugesund. This will most likely this will be your starting point.

Himakånå is located about 1 hour outside of Haugesund in a village called Nedstrand.

There are no organized tours here, so you are depending on getting here by car.

You can park the car close by the supermarket Joker, in Hindaråvåg (but not next to the church, please).

Cross the main road and follow the walking path East for about 750 m / 0.5 mi, until you find the tiny red-painted power station.

Here you will see the sign to Himakånå and Stølanuten.

If you are not sure which way to go, ask someone for the direction.

At the beginning of the hike, we are hiking a dirt road, which later turns into a combination of an old road and a pathway.

You are now hiking in the forest.

The hike is upwards and fairly steep. Even though in our opinion, this is a beginner-friendly hike, it does require some level of physical fitness. It is a steep hike upwards for a little while, but time is on your side and use as much of it as you need.

You will pass the farm on your right and continue the path into the forest.

As you will see and feel, you are devouring a fair amount of vertical meters and you start to understand that there will be some great views ahead.

A female hiker having a break by a tiny river to drink fresh mountain water
Photo credit: Espen Mills / visithaugesund.no

Follow the T signs

As with most hiking paths in Norway, the classical red T will show the way to the destination goal.

When you get to a crossing, the signs will show the direction towards Himakånå (or Stølanuten).

The path is clear, but the forest changes character with more birch, bushes, and heather.

You are almost there!

Just follow the path.

But be careful and mindful.

The path finishes with a gigantic cliff straight down to Lysevatnet lake.

You have reached your destination!

Enjoy the marvelous views of the mountains, the fjords, the lake and its surroundings.

Note (again): Despite this hike is not very technical, it is rather steep and will require some fitness level.

Although the hike itself is barely 2 km / 1.3 mi, the elevation gain is around 300 m / 984 feet over a fairly short amount of distance.

Sunset from Himakånå lookout point in Nedstrand Haugesund Norway
Photo credit: Jone Torkelsen / visithaugesund.no

Hike to Stølanuten (optional extra)

If this hike is too short for you and you want to take in more of this amazing area, you can walk back down to the path crossing and continue to Stølanuten and down to Gurigjerde.

This will be like a round trip that takes you back down to the road.

However (!), it does not end where you started, so you do need to have transportation back to your car/Joker parking.

If you are traveling with 2 or more cars, this can easily be solved by parking one car as the finishing place.

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