Loowoko 50L Hiking Backpack Review

by Thomas Sorheim | Last Updated: May 7, 2020
Loowoko 50L Hiking Backpack

Loowoko may not exactly be a household name when you first think of hiking gear and equipment, but don’t let that stop you from putting some serious consideration into their products.

This 50L hiking backpack checks off all of the right boxes – it’s got a large capacity to carry all of your gear, multiple adjustable straps, a comfortable waterproof design, multiple pockets available, and it’s even backed with a solid 90-day warranty.

Whether you’re just going for an afternoon hike, a weekend camping trip, or even traveling internationally, the Loowoko 50L hiking backpack offers everything you could hope for in a durable hiking backpack.

Who Is This Product For?

We would recommend this product to both hiking and camping beginners and veterans alike. For rookies, the 50L volume offered by Loowoko’s backpack provides plenty of space for you to pack everything that you could possibly need for a successful outdoor excursion.

And while hiking veterans may prefer a smaller pack size, the excellent design and extra features of this backpack still make it a seriously valid option to consider.

It’s also an extremely affordable hiking backpack. Sure, there’s plenty of backpacks available to purchase that offer more features.

However, for the price and for what you get, you really can’t do much better value wise than the Loowoko 50L hiking backpack.

What’s Included?

When you purchase the Loowoko 50L hiking bag, you’ll get the backpack itself along with an included waterproof rain cover in the bottom pocket and a small card explaining the 90-day warranty information.

Overview of Features

We mentioned above how much great value that you get with this backpack at an incredibly affordable price. As proof of that, check out this list of all of the great features that you’ll be getting with the Loowoko 50L hiking backpack:

Getting the Most Out of This Backpack

If this is the first hiking backpack that you’ve ever purchased, then it’s definitely worth your while to invest some time into learning how to properly pack a hiking bag. It’s not quite as straightforward as just cramming all of your belongings into the bag and then heading off for the outdoors. That’s actually a recipe for disaster!

Another thing to consider if you are new to hiking is any extra accessories that you might find useful. Things like a small, personal water filtration system can be a life saver, especially in emergencies.

We recommend the LifeStraw personal water filter for use when hiking, camping, or traveling. 


More experienced hikers who are well versed in how to fit a lot of gear into a smaller pack size may scoff at the idea of purchasing a 50L hiking backpack. It’s especially off-putting for anyone who likes to travel extensively and keep their bag with them as carry on, considering most airlines draw the line for carry on packs at 45L.

If you’re looking for a smaller sized hiking backpack that doesn’t compromise on quality, then we can recommend the following products:


You’ll be hard pressed to find any other 50L hiking bag that is as well made as the Loowoko 50L hiking backpack. You are getting an awful lot of bang for your buck with this bag – a durable, well-made bag that places an emphasis on comfort with plenty of available space and pockets.

This bag is ideal for hikes that only take a few hours, weekend camping trips, and backpacking expeditions all around the world. We strongly recommend this Loowoko backpack, especially if it’s your first hiking bag.